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HydraBus v1 are back in stock on Amazon

Buy HydraBus v1.0 Rev1.4 on Amazon:

Amazon FR:
Amazon IT:
Amazon ES:
Amazon NL:

Note: Amazon FR can be used to buy HydraBus products to Germany / USA or other country (depending on your Amazon account)
If for any reason you cannot buy on Amazon you can buy them from online Shop (when available) or contact hydrabus

Special Offer 20% Discount on HydraBus v1 from 5 July to 10 July 2021

Special Offer during Hardwear IO USA 2021
20% discount on HydraBus v1
Available from 05 July 2021 00:00 to 10 July 2021 23:59 for Amazon Prime Member only

HydraBus v1