Update 24 Mar 2020:

  • HydraBus v1.0 Rev1.4 new batch received, test in progress (they shall be available soon)
  • HydraNFC v2.0 Rev1.4 (Shield for HydraBus v1.0 can be used with any MCU with SPI) 1st batch production (limited quantity) shall be available at end of April because of COVID-19
  • To have more details or reserve your boards (HydraBus v1 or/and HydraNFC v2) send an Email to https://hydrabus.com/contact/

Note: HydraNFC v1 is deprecated and replaced by HydraNFC v2

For information see HydraFW Wiki: https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw/wiki
For Issue/Question see HydraFW Issue: https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw/issues

https://lab401.com official HydraBus/HydraNFC products supplier:

Attention: Observe precautions for handling, electrostatic sensitive devices like HydraBus MCU / HydraNFC v1 NFC Chipset (TRF7970A)


Hydrabus and Case

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HydraBus v1 + Case and HydraNFC v1 Shield

Buy HydraBus and Case + HydraNFC On Lab401