SWD Part 2 MEM-AP by @KudelskiSec‘s Nicolas Oberli with a bonus to reproduce STM32F0 race condition bug to dump any STM32F0 Protected Firmware (bypass the readout protection) with HydraBus/HydraFW


After the previous article related to JTAG there is a new article from KudelskiSec research team member Nicolas Oberli about “SWD – ARM’s alternative to JTAG
This article show how work and how to to use ARM’s SWD using an HydraBus with HydraFw


Thanks to fill the HydraNFC v2 polls


@Baldanos on Feb 3 2019
Fixed issues in #hydrabus JTAG mode. I’m now able to flash my proxmark3 using OpenOCD. Also fixed the pin detection routines. https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw …

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Smart Card support just added to HydraBus HydraFW thanks to the amazing contributors Baldanos, sylvainpelissier and Azox/0x8008135

For more details see GitHub HydraFW master or commit from e93be6c or more
For more details see also HydraFW-SMARTCARD-guide and see also python3 script bbio_smartcard

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Excellent article from research team member Nicolas Oberli about “Build Your Own Hardware Implant
This article show how to do that using an HydraBus with HydraFw


30.09.2018 – HydraFW v0.9 Beta

  • Added trigger mode on all supported modes. See commit a982d6b
  • Added SUMP mode autodetection. Tools like Sigrok and OLS don’t need any prior hydrabus setup. See commit ca90ec2
  • Added \xx escape sequence in freeform strings. See commit 3614185
  • Increased the maximum hexdump capacity to 2^32 bytes.
  • Added AVRdude compatibility. See commit2f3aecb
  • Fixed compiler errors and warnings when compiling with gcc 8.x
  • Updated ChibiOS to latest stable_17.6.x branch
  • Updated FatFs to official 0.13b
  • Updated ST drivers to STM32Cube 1.2.1
  • Reorganized the repository structure
HydraBus specific:

HydraBus Talk is available


HydraBus Talk & Workshop at BlackAlps17 (Swiss) 15&16 November 2017

  • The HydraBus Talk will start Wednesday 15th November 2017 – 13h30 (50mins):
    This talk will focus on the hardware and mainly embedded open source firmware(hydrafw) / user commands features to be used by any guys interested in embedded hardware hacking from beginner to experienced hacker
  • The HydraBus Workshop will start Thursday 16th November 2017 -13h30 (3h):
    The Workshop is the continuation of the talk Hydrabus : Lowering the entry fee to the IoT bugfest where the attendance will be able to try by themselves practical examples of physical attacks on small challenges.