SWD Part 2 MEM-AP by @KudelskiSec‘s Nicolas Oberli with a bonus to reproduce STM32F0 race condition bug to dump any STM32F0 Protected Firmware (bypass the readout protection) with HydraBus/HydraFW


After the previous article related to JTAG there is a new article from KudelskiSec research team member Nicolas Oberli about “SWD – ARM’s alternative to JTAG
This article show how work and how to to use ARM’s SWD using an HydraBus with HydraFw


Thanks to fill the HydraNFC v2 polls


@Baldanos on Feb 3 2019
Fixed issues in #hydrabus JTAG mode. I’m now able to flash my proxmark3 using OpenOCD. Also fixed the pin detection routines. https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw …

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Smart Card support just added to HydraBus HydraFW thanks to the amazing contributors Baldanos, sylvainpelissier and Azox/0x8008135

For more details see GitHub HydraFW master or commit from e93be6c or more
For more details see also HydraFW-SMARTCARD-guide and see also python3 script bbio_smartcard

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Excellent article from research team member Nicolas Oberli about “Build Your Own Hardware Implant
This article show how to do that using an HydraBus with HydraFw


30.09.2018 – HydraFW v0.9 Beta

  • Added trigger mode on all supported modes. See commit a982d6b
  • Added SUMP mode autodetection. Tools like Sigrok and OLS don’t need any prior hydrabus setup. See commit ca90ec2
  • Added \xx escape sequence in freeform strings. See commit 3614185
  • Increased the maximum hexdump capacity to 2^32 bytes.
  • Added AVRdude compatibility. See commit2f3aecb
  • Fixed compiler errors and warnings when compiling with gcc 8.x
  • Updated ChibiOS to latest stable_17.6.x branch
  • Updated FatFs to official 0.13b
  • Updated ST drivers to STM32Cube 1.2.1
  • Reorganized the repository structure
HydraBus specific:

HydraBus Talk is available


HydraBus Talk & Workshop at BlackAlps17 (Swiss) 15&16 November 2017

  • The HydraBus Talk will start Wednesday 15th November 2017 – 13h30 (50mins):
    This talk will focus on the hardware and mainly embedded open source firmware(hydrafw) / user commands features to be used by any guys interested in embedded hardware hacking from beginner to experienced hacker
  • The HydraBus Workshop will start Thursday 16th November 2017 -13h30 (3h):
    The Workshop is the continuation of the talk Hydrabus : Lowering the entry fee to the IoT bugfest where the attendance will be able to try by themselves practical examples of physical attacks on small challenges.

HydraTool first public version v0.3.1.0 is now released with source code under GPLv3
This PC tool use Qt5.x GUI and is available with pre-built exe for Windows & GNU/Linux

The actual Hydratool GUI has a main window mainly related to HydraBus+HydraNFC extension in order to display in real-time HydraNFC sniffed data for more details see https://github.com/hydrabus/hydrafw/wiki/HydraFW-HYDRANFC-guide#sniffer-iso14443a-with-unique-hard-real-time-infinite-trace-mode

The second window (when we click on Terminal icon) is mainly a basic Terminal in order to communicate with HydraBus firmware hydrafw but can be used with any Serial Port …

For more details see: