HydraBus Talk/Workshop BlackAlps17(Swiss) 15&16 November 2017

HydraBus Talk & Workshop at BlackAlps17 (Swiss) 15&16 November 2017

  • The HydraBus Talk will start Wednesday 15th November 2017 – 13h30 (50mins):
    This talk will focus on the hardware and mainly embedded open source firmware(hydrafw) / user commands features to be used by any guys interested in embedded hardware hacking from beginner to experienced hacker
  • The HydraBus Workshop will start Thursday 16th November 2017 -13h30 (3h):
    The Workshop is the continuation of the talk Hydrabus : Lowering the entry fee to the IoT bugfest where the attendance will be able to try by themselves practical examples of physical attacks on small challenges.

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