HydraFW official firmware 0.1Beta released for HydraBus/HydraNFC

HydraFW is a native C (and asm) open source firmware for HydraBus board with support of HydraNFC Shield.

This version is basic and mainly for HydraNFC users waiting sniffer mode for NFC ISO/IEC 14443 Identification cards.
The firmware can be installed without recompilation (dfu binary included) by following the 7 steps to flash their HydraBus board.
It is available on github:








2 thoughts on “HydraFW official firmware 0.1Beta released for HydraBus/HydraNFC

  1. jeroen

    In the specs I read:

    “..can sniff ISO14443A PICC and PCD both side in realtime without any loss (with an ultra optimized synchronization, LUT and asm optimization and of course with the help of TI TRF7970A special raw mode with data sampled @3.39MHz using SPI slave with DMA circular buffer).”

    Is it possible to continuously monitor traffic, so let’s say sniff a 10 seconds conversation? Or will this exceed buffer sizes or other limitations and can I only capture a limited number of samples / commands?

    Thanks for your reply!

    1. admin Post author

      Yes it is possible to continuously monitor traffic during hours/days too if the data are pushed on a RS232 link which is trivial to add (not USB CDC as it requires IRQ…)
      Anyway there is a 64KB buffer and the sniffer can easily sniff 10s and even more as it sniff only active communication.

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