2x HydraUSB3 v1 + 1x USB3 Cable


  • 2x HydraUSB3 v1
  • 1x USB 3 Cable (USB3 Type A male to USB 3 Type A male cable)
    • High Quality USB3 Cable deleyCON Model No: MK741 (0.5m blue/black)

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2x HydraUSB v1 boards plugged together (Dual Board mode)HydraUSB3 v1 board packaging, top and bottom view
USB3 Cable USBA Male to USBA male deleyCON MK741
HydraUSB3 V1 is an open source developer kit for the WCH CH569 MCU to experiment with streaming / high-speed protocols like HSPI and SerDes through USB3.
HydraUSB3 V1 Evaluation Board / Dev Kit and test firmware are not linked to HydraBus v1 hardware/firmware projects and will not replace it.

Package content:

  • 2x HydraUSB3 v1 (fully tested)
    • Each Board is protected by an Antistatic bag
    • Each board have 3 Jumpers populated on P4(SHUNT), PB22/ULED, PB23/UBTN
      • Additional jumpers are also provided to be used for other mode like Flash Mode P3, ENABLE 3V3_EXT, PB24
      • Note: For Flash Mode P3 you can also just short the 2 pins during boot/power ON to Enter WCH ISP Flash Bootloader
  • 1x USB 3 Cable (USB3 Type A male to USB 3 Type A male cable)
    • High Quality USB3 Cable deleyCON Model No: MK741 (0.5m blue/black)
  • Boards and USB3 cable are packed in a cardboard box
  • HydraUSB3 V1 has been designed, produced & validated to meet the best possible performances
    • The design has been validated with impedance tests on SerDes (Zdiff 100 Ohms+/-10%), USB2 & USB3 signals (Zdiff 90 Ohms+/-10%),  to ensure the best possible performances over USB2 High Speed, USB3 Super Speed (even with long 2m cables).
    • Each board is fully tested (all IOs) including benchmark tests on USB2 High Speed & USB3 Super Speed.
    • USB Type A female connector (with USB2 and USB3 SS signals) have ESD protections.
      • USB VBUS (5V) contains also ESD protections with 1A resettable fuse.
    • Each board use high quality Industrial Grade components
      • Including +/-10ppm 30MHz Crystal (Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃)
      • The MCU WCH CH569W Operating Temperature is -20°C / + 85°C
  • It is recommended to use high quality “Jumper Wire Female to Female standard-pitch 0.1″ (2.54mm)” for prototyping (or to connect SerDes between 2 boards…) like Premium Female/Female Jumper Wires – 20x 3″ (75mm) 28 AWG from Adafruit Industries Digi-Key Part Number LLC 1528-1962-ND

For more details see HydraUSB3 v1 specifications:

See also GitHub repositories:

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