HydraBus & HydraNFC boards new batch available
The boards are stocked and shipped from France and can be shipped anywhere in world
For more details see http://hydrabus.com/buy-online


Now the port of hydrafw to latest ChibiOS version 4.0 is finished and we (mainly me and Balda) have not found any issue so far.
The new chibios is now used in hydrafw master repository https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw


Now HydraBus is supported officially in blacksphere/blackmagic github
Thanks to Gareth McMullin and please support his amazing Black Magic Probe hardware.

See documentation here:

For more details see:
See https://github.com/blacksphere/blackmagic/pull/125

See commit https://github.com/blacksphere/blackmagic/commit/e010cd763def53df30b6013676899d2ead4ab794


16.04.2016 – HydraFW v0.7 Beta

HydraBus specific:
  • Added freeform string as byte sequence (in addition to freeform integers) (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added Binary Modes full documentation in wiki
  • Added Binary Modes (USB CDC compatible with BusPirate BBIO/Bitbang) with:
  • CAN (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Corrected filters handling. Now works for both CAN interfaces
    • Fixed bsp_can_rxne()
    • Fixed error in can2 pin description
    • Added speed change for CAN
  • Optimized sump critical part and Lock Kernel during get_samples()
  • JTAG scanner/debugger mode like JTAGulator (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Add support for TRST
    • Add support for MSB/LSB when reading
HydraNFC specific:
  • Added in standalone mode sniffing LED indication #36 LED 2 ON for Standalone mode
  • Fixed IRQ bug (stopped when enter/exit from sniffer or emul mode)
  • Fixed Trf797xInitialSettings with workaround of Errata SLOZ011A–February 2014–Revised April 2015
  • HydraNFC emulation commands are in alpha stage and they will be fixed in next version of HydraFW
    • Added in emul-mifare display of UID parameter when started
    • Added in emul-mifare 4 bytes UID parameter
    • Added emul-mf-ul command for Mifare Ultralight Emulation preliminary/work in progress code
  • Added dm0 command => Direct Mode 0 Sniffer Test work fine mainly for test with a Logic Analyzer on PC2
  • Added dm1 command => Direct Mode 1 Test (Work in Progress to test TX SDM & RX DM1)

HydraBus v1.0 Rev1.2 Released on GitHub
Contains: CadSoft Eagle v7.1 files (board & schematic) + BOM (Excel) + Schematic (PDF)
Hardware license CC BY NC (like previous revision R1.1)


Thanks to Antti Nykänen for the Open Hardware HydraBus Shield Template for KiCad
This template is based on the official Eagle template



29.11.2015 – HydraFW v0.6 Beta

  • Update of tokenline, now both T_ARG_INT and T_ARG_FLOAT take k, m and g suffixes and apply a decimal factor on both argument types. It is always compatible with old syntax khz, mhz, ghz (only first character is checked).
HydraBus specific:
  • Added 2-wire mode (support frequency up to 1MHz) (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added random command new token ~ (T_TILDE) to write random byte (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Random number generator (using STM32 hardware RNG) returns a 32bit random number in hex (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added jtag scanner/debugger mode (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Classic JTAG (TDI/TDO/TMS/TCK)
    • Can be used with command line
    • BusPirate-compatible OpenOCD binary mode (openocd command)
    • Can scan a JTAG bus with IDCODE and BYPASS methods (idcode and bypass commands)
    • Can try to find JTAG bus on all GPIOB pins (like JTAGulator) (brute command)
  • Added sump mode, Logic Analyzer up to 1MHz 16chan with SUMP support (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added can mode (thanks to Baldanos & smillier)
    • Needs a dedicated shield like HydraOBD to communicate with a real CAN bus
      • Support CAN bus 1 or 2 (speed up to 2M)
      • Support read, read continuous, write, id and filter commands
  • Added in uart mode the bridge command to be used as UART Raw sniffer (thanks to Baldanos)
  • UART: fix bug in baudrate->BRR (thanks to doegox)
HydraNFC specific:
  • HydraNFC Tag Emulation UID Mifare 1K & ISO14443A
    • Mifare Emulation (Anticol+UID+HALT) see new command emul-mifare
    • ISO14443A Emulation (TRF7970A hardware Anticol/UID) see new command emul-3a
  • Rename command mifare to typea (ISO14443A) as it was not specific to MIFARE
  • scan command now support 4 and 7bytes UID (thanks to NicoHub)
  • Sniffer new command sniff-dbg with following new features:
    • Add after each 8bits/byte the parity (ASCII char “0” or “1” + space)
    • End Of Frame Timestamp + RSSI

See all commands here: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/wiki/HydraFW-commands
HydraFW Link: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw
Release with pre-built firmware: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/releases/tag/v0.6-beta


See the excellent Peter Fillmore conference slides from SyScan2015: Crash & Pay: Owning and Cloning NFC Payment cards
For more details on Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) see https://www.syscan.org


Update HydraFW v0.5-beta-1-g4897d50 add HydraNFC Tag Emulation UID ISO14443A (Mifare 1K) command emul_uid_14443A
See github pre-built dfu firmware
See source code GitHub HydraFW
See also specific code for ISO14443A UID Emulation:


Updated commands:

For more details see: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/wiki/HydraFW-commands