Digi-Key Electronics (USA / Worldwide)

Update 15 November 2021:
Hydrabus v1 is now available on Digi-Key Electronics
Digi-Key Part Number: 3792-HYDRABUS_V1-ND
Manufacturer Product Number: HYDRABUS_V1 board v1.0 Rev1.4 + HydraBus Sick Of Beige Case (Plexiglass case with hex/screws to be assembled)Buy HydraBus v1.0 Rev1.4 on

Amazon (Europe / Worldwide)

Update 26 October 2021:

HydraBus v1 are back in stock on Amazon.

Note: Amazon FR can be used to buy HydraBus products to Germany / USA or other country (depending on your Amazon account)
If for any reason you cannot buy on Amazon you can buy them from online Shop (when available) or contact hydrabus (Worldwide)

Caution HydraBus / HydraNFC are Electrostatic Sensitive Devices Do Not Handle Except at a Static Free Workstation.