HydraBus HydraFW v0.9 Beta Released

30.09.2018 – HydraFW v0.9 Beta

  • Added trigger mode on all supported modes. See commit a982d6b
  • Added SUMP mode autodetection. Tools like Sigrok and OLS don’t need any prior hydrabus setup. See commit ca90ec2
  • Added \xx escape sequence in freeform strings. See commit 3614185
  • Increased the maximum hexdump capacity to 2^32 bytes.
  • Added AVRdude compatibility. See commit2f3aecb
  • Fixed compiler errors and warnings when compiling with gcc 8.x
  • Updated ChibiOS to latest stable_17.6.x branch
  • Updated FatFs to official 0.13b
  • Updated ST drivers to STM32Cube 1.2.1
  • Reorganized the repository structure
HydraBus specific:

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