HydraBus Free Talk/Workshop RMLL 2017 4&5July

We are pleased to announce Free HydraBus Talk & Workshop RMLL 2017 4&5July

About the Talk 4 July 2017 14h00 (40mins):
This talk will focus on the hardware and mainly embedded open source firmware(hydrafw) / user commands features to be used by any guys interested in embedded hardware hacking from beginner to experienced hacker
For more details on this Talk see https://prog2017.rmll.info/programme/securite-entre-transparence-et-opacite/hydrabus-diminuer-le-ticket-d-entree-a-la-chasse-aux-bug-dans-l-iot?lang=en

About the Workshop 5 July 2017 14h00 (max 3h):
The workshop is the continuation of the talk “Hydrabus : Lowering the entry fee to the IoT bugfest” where the attendance will be able to try by themselves practical examples of physical attacks on small challenges.
For more details on this Workshop see https://prog2017.rmll.info/programme/securite-entre-transparence-et-opacite/atelier-hydrabus-sur-iot?lang=en

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