HydraBus HydraFW v0.8 Beta Released

13.10.2016 – HydraFW v0.8 Beta

HydraBus specific:
HydraNFC specific:
  • Added command sd (sdcard commands)
  • Added Example bbio_hydranfc_init.py for HydraNFC init using Console mode + switch to bbIO mode for SPI2 Init & communication with TRF7970A (HydraNFC shield)
  • Read / Display / Save Mifare Ultra Light tag data (64bytes raw data of the Tag)
  • Emulate Mifare Ultra Light tag (Beta version does not work with phone) (7Bytes UID and 64bytes data support only READ command)
    • emul-mf-ul command add optional filename (same 64bytes raw file previously written to microsd by read-mf-ul)
    • See commit [d569fcd8] 27-May-2016 (https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/commit/d569fcd853415d7d56e54ef773315abb45015285) (modified scan command)
    • This feature is a Beta version and will be rewritten using low level mode SDM TX/DM1 RX in order to be hard real-time & ISO compliant, which will also fix the emulation when using a Phone…
  • NFC sniffer improvements and NFC sniffer command cleanup
    • Modified NFC RX Gain Reduction from 10dB to 5dB & use ISO14443A mode
    • The sniffer now use native ISO14443A mode instead of previous hybrid mode ISO14443B/A, those modifications (with NFC RX Gain reduction set to 5dB) give better sniffing sensitivity and bigger range to sniff PICC(NFC Tag) and PCD(NFC Reader) configured using @6.3Mbauds(in reality it is 8.4Mbauds) 8N1 with Putty on Win7
    • Removed sniff-dbg (replaced by parity & frame-time sub commands)
    • Added following sniff sub commands:
      • trace-uart1 to trace in real-time sniffed data to UART1 PA9 @8.4Mbauds 8N1, validated with FTDI C232HM-DDHSL-0
      • bin (Force binary sniff trace(UART1 only))
      • parity (Add parity bit information in binary sniff trace(UART1 only))
      • frame-time (Add start/end frame timestamp(in CPU cycles))
    • Moved sniff-raw command to sniff sub command raw

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