HydraBus HydraFW v0.7 Beta Released

16.04.2016 – HydraFW v0.7 Beta

HydraBus specific:
  • Added freeform string as byte sequence (in addition to freeform integers) (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added Binary Modes full documentation in wiki
  • Added Binary Modes (USB CDC compatible with BusPirate BBIO/Bitbang) with:
  • CAN (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Corrected filters handling. Now works for both CAN interfaces
    • Fixed bsp_can_rxne()
    • Fixed error in can2 pin description
    • Added speed change for CAN
  • Optimized sump critical part and Lock Kernel during get_samples()
  • JTAG scanner/debugger mode like JTAGulator (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Add support for TRST
    • Add support for MSB/LSB when reading
HydraNFC specific:
  • Added in standalone mode sniffing LED indication #36 LED 2 ON for Standalone mode
  • Fixed IRQ bug (stopped when enter/exit from sniffer or emul mode)
  • Fixed Trf797xInitialSettings with workaround of Errata SLOZ011A–February 2014–Revised April 2015
  • HydraNFC emulation commands are in alpha stage and they will be fixed in next version of HydraFW
    • Added in emul-mifare display of UID parameter when started
    • Added in emul-mifare 4 bytes UID parameter
    • Added emul-mf-ul command for Mifare Ultralight Emulation preliminary/work in progress code
  • Added dm0 command => Direct Mode 0 Sniffer Test work fine mainly for test with a Logic Analyzer on PC2
  • Added dm1 command => Direct Mode 1 Test (Work in Progress to test TX SDM & RX DM1)

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