HydraFW v0.6 Beta released

29.11.2015 – HydraFW v0.6 Beta

  • Update of tokenline, now both T_ARG_INT and T_ARG_FLOAT take k, m and g suffixes and apply a decimal factor on both argument types. It is always compatible with old syntax khz, mhz, ghz (only first character is checked).
HydraBus specific:
  • Added 2-wire mode (support frequency up to 1MHz) (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added random command new token ~ (T_TILDE) to write random byte (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Random number generator (using STM32 hardware RNG) returns a 32bit random number in hex (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added jtag scanner/debugger mode (thanks to Baldanos)
    • Classic JTAG (TDI/TDO/TMS/TCK)
    • Can be used with command line
    • BusPirate-compatible OpenOCD binary mode (openocd command)
    • Can scan a JTAG bus with IDCODE and BYPASS methods (idcode and bypass commands)
    • Can try to find JTAG bus on all GPIOB pins (like JTAGulator) (brute command)
  • Added sump mode, Logic Analyzer up to 1MHz 16chan with SUMP support (thanks to Baldanos)
  • Added can mode (thanks to Baldanos & smillier)
    • Needs a dedicated shield like HydraOBD to communicate with a real CAN bus
      • Support CAN bus 1 or 2 (speed up to 2M)
      • Support read, read continuous, write, id and filter commands
  • Added in uart mode the bridge command to be used as UART Raw sniffer (thanks to Baldanos)
  • UART: fix bug in baudrate->BRR (thanks to doegox)
HydraNFC specific:
  • HydraNFC Tag Emulation UID Mifare 1K & ISO14443A
    • Mifare Emulation (Anticol+UID+HALT) see new command emul-mifare
    • ISO14443A Emulation (TRF7970A hardware Anticol/UID) see new command emul-3a
  • Rename command mifare to typea (ISO14443A) as it was not specific to MIFARE
  • scan command now support 4 and 7bytes UID (thanks to NicoHub)
  • Sniffer new command sniff-dbg with following new features:
    • Add after each 8bits/byte the parity (ASCII char “0” or “1” + space)
    • End Of Frame Timestamp + RSSI

See all commands here: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/wiki/HydraFW-commands
HydraFW Link: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw
Release with pre-built firmware: https://github.com/bvernoux/hydrafw/releases/tag/v0.6-beta

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